Voice actor Dave Bale delivers dynamic voice overs for movie trailers, television and radio commercials, animations, TV / radio promos, imaging and more.

Dave Bale is a professional voice actor located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Voice actor Dave Bale of VODAVE is very flexible and direct-able and offers a full range of voice acting services with competitive rates and will best work within your budget to help you promote your company brand to it’s next level of excellence. Dave’s known for his naturally rich baritone voice, that was inspired by Don LaFontaine and Hal Douglas, the two kings of Movie trailer’s and two great talents that could reach a range that was baritone and biblical epic, to say the least. VODAVE has a natural deep, rich and raspy that’s trusting, friendly, believable with warmth that can deliver precisely what the client wants.

Branding your business!

Our objective is to provide the client with as many options as possible and inject credibility along with believability into your next project for your company branding.

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Trailer, Radio or Television

Our price depends on the length of your campaign and market size. We offer a fast 24 hour turnaround with a great sound for a movie trailer, TV commercials, Radio or image ID's today.

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Voice over prices can vary depending to the type of voice over you wish for your project.

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Promo/Imaging - Movie trailer - Commercial - Documentary - Announcer - Guy next door

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Local Small - Local Large - National - Regional - DVD - Other

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